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ELENA - European Local Energy Assistance: Inspiration from successful projects
27 April 2017
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Maciej SZCZEPAŃSKI – European Investment Bank, Mareike SCHMIDT - Energy at Bristol City Council (PPT)

How to boost local gas production from biomass or waste water: Inspiration from biogas-powered cities
30 March 2017
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Ludovica Sara Fondi - CEDEC; Quentin Baudouin - LIGER (PPT); Andrea Lanuzza - City of Milan (PPT)

Covenant Coordinators & Supporters: Role, actions and lessons learned
20 February 2017
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Lucie Blondel - Covenant of Mayors Office, Carme Melcion - Province of Barcelona, Paul Polfer - Climate Alliance Luxembourg, Birgitte Karnøe Frederiksen - Central Denmark Region (PDF).


New Financing Models for the Energy Retrofitting of Buildings
15 December 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Paul Kenny - Tipperary Energy Agency (PPT); Alice Morcrette - Picardie Pass Rénovation (PPT); Silvio de Nigris - 2020 Together (PPT)

Reducing CO2 Emissions through sustainable material resource management
14 December 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Françoise Bonnet - ACR+ (PPT); Susana Lopes - LIPOR (PPT)

Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities - A self-assessment tool to evaluate the measures of your Action Plans
12 December 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Pedro Bizarro - RFSC (PPT); La Rochelle Agglomération Urbaine (PPT); Nathalie Le Brun - Toulouse Métropole (PPT)

Le Grand Débat de Nantes Métropole : la transition énergétique, c’est nous !
7 December 2016
Recording - français (fr)
Speakers: Laurent Coméliau & Sandra Rataud - Nantes Métropole ; Eric Couvez - citoyen membre de la Commission indépendante du Débat. Synthèse du webinaire (fr)

Covenant Reporting Framework and Guidelines
7 December 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Lucie Blondel and Mikaël Angé - Covenant of Mayors Office; Chiara Caranti and Francesco Tutino - City of Bologna.

Sustainable Energy Projects by Island and Rural Signatories - Tackling Financial and Technical Barriers
25 November 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Søren Hermansen - Samsø Energy Academy (PPT), Goran Krajacic - REA Kvarner (PPT), Gonzalo Piernavieja Izquierdo - Canary Islands Institute of Technology (PPT), Dara Ó Maoildhia - Aran Islands Renewable Energy Limited (PPT), Felix Wight - Community Energy Scotland (PPT), Noemie Poize - Rhônalpénergie-Environnement (PPT).

Energy storage for the integration of renewable electricity into the grids
24 November 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Magnus Pielke – Green2Store Project (PPT), Edwin Edelenbos - Netbeheer Nederland (PPT).

Future Development of Climate, Energy & GhG Observatories
5 October 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Kjell Skogsberg – Energikontor Norr (PPT), Anne Luminet Rhônalpénergie-Environnement & ORECC (PPT), Julien Dumont – CERDD (PPT).

Crowdfinancing - fazer e não fazer
4 October 2016
Recording - português (pt)
Speakers: Nuno Brito Jorge - Boa Energia/Coopernico/Parity (PPT)

Public lighting modernization - complex approaches from Norway and the UK
21 September 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Neil Platt - Coventry (PPT), Ingjerd Bratterud - Stavanger (PPT)

Устойчиви обществени поръчки в България : какво трябва за общините
19 September 2016
Recording - Bulgarian (bg)
Speakers: Dragomir Tzanev - EnEffect Group (PPT), Valeriya Natseva-Metodieva - National Procurement Agency (PPT), Desislava Koleva - Gabrovo Municipality (PPT)

The European Energy Efficiency Fund - a financing solution for energy efficiency in the public sector
27 July 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speaker: Matthias Benz - Deutsche Bank (PPT).

Facilitar o acesso a financiamento para eficiência energética
14 July 2016
Recording - português (pt)
Speaker: Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida - ICP Europe (PPT).

Ogłoszono w Polsce nowy nabór wniosków o dofinansowanie wdrażania SEAP i PGN
12 July 2016
Recording - Polski (pl)
Speaker: Maria Urbowicz - NFOSIGW (PPT).

Le cooperative energetiche in Italia: quale ruolo per gli enti locali?
29 June 2016
Recording - italiano (it)
Speakers: Matteo Zulianello - Cooperativa Energetica ènostra (PPT), Ivan Stomeo - Sindaco di Melpignano, Grazia Giovannetti - Cooperativa di Comunità di Melpignano (PPT).

Horizon 2020 2016 Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking’s Call – Focus on local and regional bioeconomy projects
29 June 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Andrea Accorigi - DG Research and Innovation, Agata Pieniadz - BioBased Industries, Mads Munk-Poulsen & Bjarne Bro - BillundBiorefinery (PPT).

Energetický manažment mesta - ako na to a kde na to vziať?
24 June 2016
Recording - Czech / Slovak (cs, sk)
Speakers: Jaroslav Klusák - mesto Litoměřice - CZ (PPT), Kvetoslava Šoltésová - Slovenská Inovačná a Energetická Agentura - SK (PPT), Pavla Vidanová, Ministerstvo Životného Prostredia (CZ) (PPT).

Why and how to set up Urban Development Funds?
21 June 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Emily Smith - European Investment Bank, Kenroy Quellennec-Reid - Greater London Authority (PPT).

2016 LIFE Calls on Climate Action
9 June 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Bernd Decker - European Commission, EASME (PPT), Jelena Milos - European Commission, EASME (PPT), Cleo Pouw - City of Rotterdam (PPT).

Innovative building renovation financing methods from other continents
8 June 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Now Kristina Klimovich - PACE (PPT), Panama Bartholomy - ICP (PPT).

Innovative EPC and solar photovoltaic financing methods
3 June 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Paolo Sonvilla - CREARA, Trust EPC South project (PPT), Dina Löper (CREARA, Financing PV project) (PPT).

Developing electric vehicles: the crucial role of local entities
25 May 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Vlasta Krmelj - ENERGAP Maribor, Slovenia (PPT), Daniel Petrovic - Sundsvall Elnat (PPT), Alessandra Barbieri & Vincenzo Tartaglia - City of Florence, Italy (PPT), Onoph Caron - E-laad foundation, Netherlands (PPT), Lutske Lindeman -City of Rotterdam, the Netherlans (PPT).

Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Challenges & opportunities in financing investments
10 May 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Dan Staniaszek - Buildings Performance Institute Europe / BPIE (PPT), Patrycja Plonka - Polish Network of Energy Cities /PNEC (PPT).

Unlocking the potential for local energy efficiency and self-sufficiency through smart district energy systems
4 May 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Paul Voss - Euroheat & Power (PPT), Helena Nordström - Göteborg Energi (PPT), Symon Wyke - Greater London Authority (PPT), Lars Holmquist - Göteborg Energi (PPT).

Financement participatif de projets ENR
28 April 2016
Recording - français (fr)
Speakers: Alex Raguet - Président de l’European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) et cofondateur de Lumo (PDF), Marie-Véronique Gauduchon - Lumo (PDF), Elodie Ribardière Le May - Syndicat Energie Vienne (PDF).

Wsparcie, w tym finansowe, oferowane przez Narodowy Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska i Gospodarki Wodnej w Warszawie (NFOŚiGW)
28 avril 2016
Recording - polski (pl)
Speakers: Maria Urbowicz - Ekspert, Jednostka Realizująca Projekt Doradztwa (PDF).

Geothermal energy in cities and local communities: opportunities and challenges
13 avril 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Luca Angelino - European Geothermal Energy Council (PDF), Ágústa Thorbergsdottir - Navigo, Iceland (PDF).

Vila Nova de Gaia : sucessos e desafios de implementação e monitorização PAES
23 March 2016
Recording - português (pt)
Speakers: Luís Castanheira - Vila Nova de Gaia (PPT).

Oszczędzanie energii w budynkach użyteczności publicznej
14 March 2016
Recording - polski (pl)
Speakers: Anna Jaskuła - Stowarzyszenie Gmin Polska Sieć „Energie Cités” (PPT), Bożena Herbuś i Aneta Myga - Urząd Miasta Częstochowy (PPT).

Heat pumps in cities: A solution for energy-efficient and renewable heating and cooling systems
9 March 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Thomas Nowak - European Heat Pump Association (PPT), Kurt Corvens - Boydens Engineering (PPT), Leon Cowley - South Tyneside Homes, UK (PPT).

INFINITE Solutions Strumenti di finanziamento innovativi (intracting, prestito agevolato, etc) per soluzioni energetiche locali sostenibili
2 March 2016
Recording - italiano (it)
Speakers: Comune di Parma (PPT), Alessandro Mazzeschi - Comune di Udine (PPT).

Integracja planu SEAP z systemem zarządzania energią wg normy ISO 50001
9 February 2016
Recording - Polski (pl)
Speakers: Patrycja Płonka - Polish Network "Energie Cités" (PPT), Marcin Łojek - Polish Network "Energie Cités" (PPT).

Public lighting modernization: Central European examples of territorial cooperation (Poland & Slovakia)
25 February 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Leszek Katkowski - NFOSiGW & Bogdan Slek (PPT), Katarzyna Grecka - Baltic Energy Conservation Agency (BAPE) (PPT), Karel Hirman - Presov Regional Authority (PPT).

Fundo Climático de Almada: combinar fundos europeus, nacionais e municipais para financiar projetos locais
24 February 2016
Recording - portugués (pt)
Speaker: Joao Cleto, Carlos Sousa & Catarina Freitas - AGENEAL, Agência Municipal de Energia de Almada (PPT).

Successful financial instruments for national housing energy retrofit programs in Lithuania and Slovakia
2 February 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Inesis Kiskis - Ministry of Environment of Lithuania (PPT), Elena Szolgayová - Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of Slovakia (PPT).

Crowdfunding for sustainable energy projects: Good practices in the UK
28 January 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Esteban Pelayo - EURADA, (PPT), Karl Harder - Abundance crowdfunding platform (PPT).

Public lighting modernization: examples of territorial cooperation
21 January 2016
Recording - English (en)
Intro by Tamas Solymosi - CoMO (PPT)
Speakers: Albert Vendrell Roca - Diputació Barcelona (PPT), Alan Ryan - Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (PPT).

Public lighting modernization in cooperation with local utilities
19 January 2016
Recording - English (en)
Intro by Tamas Solymosi - CoMO (PPT)
Speakers: Paolo Meneghini - A2A S.p.A. Milan (PPT) & Roger le Bussy - Réseau d’Energie de Wavre, Belgium (PPT).

Nature-based solutions for urban regeneration
18 January 2016
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Birgit De Boissezon, Christos FRAGAKIS & Ugo Guarnacci - European Commission (PPT).

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