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The Austrian Covenant Club was launched on 18 April 2012 in Hall during Climate Alliance Austria’s annual conference.

Objectives of the Austrian Covenant Club

  • Providing a platform for the exchange of experience among the Austrian signatory cities and national key actors in climate and energy issues.
  • Helping the Austrian cities and municipalities achieve their commitment to the Covenant of Mayors.
  • Providing technical support for the elaboration and implementation of SEAPs.
  • Analysing the current situation and make proposals at the national and local levels.
  • Identifying synergies among the various Austrian initiatives (Climate and Energy Pilot regions, Climate Alliance, e5, other programmes at the provincial level) and the Covenant of Mayors.
  • Providing feedback from the ground to the EU in order to enhance the quality and the success of the Covenant of Mayors at the European level.

The Platform for local sustainable energy of the Austrian Covenant Club

The Platform gathers all public, private and associative key actors who have a common interest towards demand-side oriented local policies and the use of renewable energy sources.

Objectives of the Platform:

  • Creating and providing a platform on the national level for discussions and debates among key actors working in the field of local climate protection and local use of renewable energy.
  • Highlighting the importance and the advantages of local energy policies in terms of innovative activities, creation of green jobs, energy safety, regional economic development, reduction of fuel poverty and territorial and social cohesion.
  • Acting so that the territorial dimension of energy is taken into account in the national energy policies and so that the role of local authorities within the national and European policy making is reinforced.
  • Linking the various Austrian energy and climate initiatives.

Contact: Friedrich Hofer, Climate Alliance Austria friedrich.hofer[a]

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