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  March 2011
  Interview with Evelyne Huytebroeck , Regional Minister for Environment, Energy and Urban Renewal. Brussels-Capital was among the first signatories to join the Covenant of Mayors initiative in December 2008. Its Sustainable Energy Action Plan is (...) Read more  
  April 2011
  Interview with Energaia Director, Mr. Luís Castanheira. Covenant Signatory since 2009, Vila Nova de Gaia is one of the successful applicants to benefit from the European Local ENergy Assistance (ELENA) facility, financed by the Intelligent (...) Read more  
  May 2011
  Interview with Emma Strain, Head of Environment at the London Development Agency. London is on the right track to complete its transition to a low-carbon economy, tapping into multiple funding sources, including EU grants and programmes such as (...) Read more  
  June 2011
  Interview with Ilmar Reepalu, Mayor of Malmö. The European Commission is soon to publish its new Roadmap for a Resource Efficient Europe with the aim to “increase resource productivity, decouple economic growth from resource use, enhance (...) Read more  
  September 2011
  Interview with István Zachariaš, Mayor of Moldava nad Bodvou, Slovakia. Moldava nad Bodvou joined as a Covenant of Mayors Signatory as early as May 2008, having now moved into the implementation phase of its Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). (...) Read more  
  October 2011
  Interview with Lord Mayor Andreas Brand. Lead partner of the EU-funded SURE project, Friedrichshafen assists cities from the ENPI countries in meeting their Covenant of Mayors commitments. Read more  
  November 2011
  Highlights of the Covenant of Mayors Ceremony. Over 1,300 participants - among which some 500 mayors - gathered on 29 November in Brussels to attend the third edition of the Covenant of Mayors Ceremony. European Commissioner for Regional Policy (...) Read more  
  January 2012
  Interview with President of the Committee of the Regions Mercedes Bresso. In this exclusive interview with the Covenant of Mayors Office, President Bresso shares the Committee’s perspectives regarding the future developments of the Covenant of (...) Read more  
  February 2012
  Interview with Denis Baupin, Deputy Mayor of Paris. Denis Baupin is Deputy Mayor of Paris, one of the Covenant of Mayors signatory cities, and coordinator of the French Club of signatories, an exchange platform open to all committed mayors (...) Read more Interview de Denis Baupin, adjoint au maire de Paris. Denis Baupin est adjoint au maire de Paris, ville signataire de la Convention des Maires, et co-ordinateur du Club France des signataires, une plateforme d’échange ouverte à tous les maires (...) Read more  
  April 2012
  Interview with Klara Furth-Deutschländer, Head of Climate Protection Unit, Senate of Berlin. Over a year ago, on 5 April 2011, the administration adopted its Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP), which is based on Berlin’s “Energy Concept 2020.” (...) Read more  
  May 2012
  Interview with Linda Arkley, Mayor of North Tyneside Council. Commitment to the Covenant of Mayors is paying off in the UK borough of North Tyneside. According to official government figures, the borough’s endeavours have resulted in a fall of (...) Read more  
  June 2012
  Interview with Camille Gira, Mayor of Beckerich. The small, rural municipality of Beckerich in Luxembourg has set itself the very ambitious objective of achieving energy self-sufficiency, making optimisation of natural resources one of its (...) Read more  
  July - August 2012
  Interview with Andres Jaadla, Mayor of Rakvere, Estonia After signing the Covenant of Mayors in January 2009, Rakevere became the first city in Estonia to take the political commitment to adopt a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) in order (...) Read more  
  September 2012
  Interview with Jussi Pajunen, Mayor of Helsinki, Finland. For this edition of its monthly interview series with high profile decision makers, the Covenant of Mayors Office is happy to publish the contribution of Helsinki Mayor Jussi Pajunen. As (...) Read more  
  October 2012
  Interview with Anneli Hulthén, Mayor of Gothenburg, Sweden. In the vibrant city of Gothenburg, every opportunity is taken to tackle CO2 emissions, boost local development and improve the quality of services delivered to citizens. Boasting a (...) Read more  
  December 2012
  Interview with Gilles Retière, President of Nantes Métropole, France. On 10-12 March 2013, Nantes Métropole – an active signatory and holder of the Green Capital Award – is to host an international conference on sustainable mobility. Ahead of this (...) Read more  
  January 2013
  Interview with Michael Häupl, Mayor of Vienna, Austria. In October 2012, Vienna became the 23th EU capital to join the Covenant of Mayors initiative, followed two months later by Luxembourg. Stepping into 2013, the Covenant of Mayors Office (...) Read more  
  March 2013
  Interview with Sten Nordin, Mayor of Stockholm, Sweden. The Mayor of Stockholm aspires to reduce the city’s CO2 emissions by a staggering 45% by 2020, as indicated in the Sustainable Energy Action Plan submitted to the Covenant of Mayors Office. (...) Read more  
  April 2013
  Interview with Hilde Claes, Mayor of Hasselt, Belgium. The city of Hasselt, Belgium, was the first ever to introduce free public transport in 1997. Although the economic context recently forced the city to reconsider the free-of-charge nature (...) Read more  
  May-August 2013
  As the holiday season takes hold across Europe, the atmosphere seems ripe for a quick round up of what the Covenant community has been up to over the last weeks and for an overview of present and upcoming developments, as signatory cities are (...) Read more  
  September 2013
  Interview with Mayor Maria Emília Neto de Sousa. Almada’s long term commitment to sustainable energy objectives makes it one of the most prominent climate champions among Portuguese municipalities. The signing of the Covenant of Mayors in 2009 (...) Read more  
  November 2013
  Interview with George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol. Investing in sustainable energy makes economic sense. Bristol is a case in point, as well illustrated by Mr Ferguson in this exclusive Covenant of Mayors interview. The first ever (...) Read more  
  February 2014
  Interview with Martine Aubry, President of Lille Métropole (France). As the President of a Covenant-signatory local authority, Martine Aubry shares the high CO2 reduction ambitions of her territory : 30% by 2020, above the EU target of 20 and (...) Read more  
  July 2014
  In this exclusive interview with the Covenant of Mayors Office, the Mayor of Bristol, 2015 European Green Capital City, shows that the energy transition is not only about fighting climate change, but first and foremost about “the immediate (...) Read more  
  December 2014
  Vila Nova de Gaia was the first among over 6, 000 Covenant of Mayors signatory cities to use the EU-monitored system to report progress on CO2 reductions. Revolve Media reports on the story. >>Read original article (...) Read more  
  August 2015
  New vision and ambition ahead of Paris Climate Summit The Covenant of Mayors has long been praised as the EU climate success story. As the block is striving to maintain its leadership role in the framework of climate negotiations, the Covenant (...) Read more  
  September 2015
  Interview with Jan Panek, European Commission’s DG Energy. Read more  
  Special issue - Nov. 2015
  Over 400 city representatives gathered on 15 October in the European Parliament in Brussels to attend the Joint Covenant of Mayors & Mayors Adapt Ceremony. On the road to COP21, this year’s ceremony emphasized the key role played by local (...) Read more  
  March 2016
  Interview with Tony Lloyd, Mayor of Greater Manchester, a British combined authority committed to the 2030 objectives of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy. Read more  
  July 2016
  Interview with Karin Wanngård, Mayor of the Swedish capital city, Stockholm. Read more  
  October 2016
  Interview with Ladislav Chlupáč, Mayor of Litoměřice, Czech Republic Read more  
  December 2016
  Interview with Mario Mazzocca, Under-Secretary for Environment of the Abruzzo Region. Read more  
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