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  Covenant Newsletter December 2014  
Portuguese city first to report CO2 reduction progress to European Commission
Vila Nova de Gaia was the first among over 6, 000 Covenant of Mayors signatory cities to use the EU-monitored system to report progress on CO2 reductions. Revolve Media reports on the story. >>Read original article here Read more
  Did You Know?
  >>See related Infographics here. New analysis conducted by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre found that the CO2 emission reductions planned by Covenant signatory cities amounted to 189 Mtonnes of CO2 eq., which is more than the (...) Read more In an event organised this week in parallel to the UN climate talks in Lima, the Province of Barcelona Deputy President for Environment called on the Covenant of Mayors to serve as a model to be replicated in other continents, thus initiating (...) Read more  
  Guidance & Support
  Cities often find it challenging to find their way through the complex maze of EU funding streams, programmes and mechanisms. To co-finance the development or implementation of their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs), Covenant of Mayors (...) Read more How can small local authorities bundle efforts to produce a joint Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) ? How can a province or region mainstream a successful methodology to fast-track the EU analysis of numerous local action plans ? Two guides (...) Read more  
  Covenant Community in Action !
  For several years the Swedish city of Karlstad (86,400 inhabitants) has been investing in energy and environment projects with a focus on the building sector, with impressive results. Read more On the occasion of a Covenant of Mayors workshop, four Czech cities set up an association of municipal energy managers to help local authorities implement their ambitious energy and climate (...) Read more  
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