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  Covenant Coordinators and Supporters Newsletter March 2013  
The multi facets of Covenant of Mayors support
Interview with Tarja Laine, ENTP Board Member and City Planning Director at Vantaa Municipality. Founded in 2001, the European New Towns & Pilot Cities Platform (ENTP) represents local governments working on common pilot projects in the fields of urban regeneration, economic development, social cohesion, and sustainable development. Since it joined as a Covenant Supporter in 2009, the network has been busy promoting the initiative through advocacy events and various communication materials, (...) Read more
  Inspiring Achievements
Covenant Coordinators show how they help cities deliver
Regions, provinces, national energy agencies and other Covenant of Mayors Coordinators having joined the initiative for over a year have reported on the activities performed to assist municipalities in meeting the EU energy and climate (...) Read more
Sustainable energy investments : Over 90% of ELENA funds granted to Covenant local and regional authorities
The majority of ELENA projects approved by the European Investment Bank were submitted by Covenant Signatories and Coordinators. Putting together sound investment programmes to finance sustainable energy projects is a considerable challenge for (...) Read more
  Latest Highlights
CEB-ELENA supports sustainable energy investments for disadvantaged regions or populations
The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) has developed the CEB-ELENA facility in partnership with the European Commission and with the support of the Intelligent Energy Europe II programme. Read more
“Delivering on the Covenant of Mayors” : IEE projects are strategic enablers
The Covenant of Mayors has grown up. It will soon turn five years old and include some 5,000 mayors committed to EU climate and energy objectives. Many of the early signatories are now looking back on the progress made thus far, while others are (...) Read more
Local and regional authority experts discuss monitoring system to assess action plan progress
On 1 February 2012, experts from Covenant Signatory cities, coordinating and supporting structures gathered in Brussels to share experience in monitoring the progress of Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) implementation. This event, (...) Read more
Roughly 10% of signatory cities temporarily withdrawn until submission of action plans
With the landmark threshold of 2,500 submitted Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) soon to be exceeded, the Covenant of Mayors’ impact cannot be understated. Read more
  Events & webinars
Covenant of Mayors 2013 Ceremony : Book the date !
24 June 2013 - Brussels, Belgium
Delivering on the Covenant of Mayors
18 March 2013 - Brussels, Belgium
Energyday for Local Authorities
19 March 2013 - Ghent, Belgium
Webinar for Covenant Territorial Coordinators : Your role in the SEAP analysis process !
21 March 2013 - Online, Belgium
Webinar on Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning
27 March 2013 - Online, Belgium
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