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  Covenant Coordinators and Supporters Newsletter January 2013  
A regional strategy for climate neutrality
Interview with Mayor Jan Hoekema, Portfolio Holder on European Policy for the Hague Region, The Netherlands. The Hague Region is an urban area consisting of nine municipalities, three of which – Delft, Midden-Delfland and Zoetermeer - are Covenant of Mayors Signatories. In early January, the region decided to sign a Covenant Coordinator agreement with the European Commission to promote the initiative among its constituent municipalities and help the ones which are already signatories in the (...) Read more
  Inspiring Achievements
What do « Covenant Supporters » do?
The Covenant of Mayors initiative includes a large variety of stakeholders, from local authorities to provinces, regions, energy agencies, federations of companies, NGOs and networks, which all play a specific role in the (...) Read more
The role of Covenant Coordinator: tools and methods from the Province of Venice
The Province of Venice has gained experience as a Covenant Coordinator since joining the initiative in 2011 and has developed a series of methods and tools which could prove inspirational to other public administrations fulfilling this (...) Read more
  Latest Highlights
Covenant of Mayors 2013 Ceremony : Mark your calendar for June 24th !
Monday 24 June 2013 has been confirmed as the date of the next Covenant of Mayors Signing Ceremony which is to take place in Brussels, in parallel to the EU Sustainable Energy Week.. Read more
Covenant of Mayors e-learning course now available in five languages !
The Covenant of Mayors Office has just published four new language versions of its online learning system, now also available in German, French, Spanish and Italian. Read more
What’s in store for 2013 ?
The Covenant of Mayors is an ever-improving initiative, constantly adapting its methods and processes based on the feedback provided by its growing community. Over the past few months, the Covenant of Mayors Office and Joint Research Centre (...) Read more
  Events & webinars
Covenant of Mayors 2013 Ceremony: Book the date!
24 June 2013 - Brussels, Belgium
Sustainable mobility on a tight budget - Unlock growth opportunities for your city!
10 - 12 March 2013 - Nantes, France
Political support and financial instruments in the next EU budgetary period.
14 - 15 March 2013 - Sofia, Bulgaria
7 th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns: A green and socially responsible economy: a solution in times of crisis?
17 - 19 April 2013 - Geneva, Switzerland
Energyday for Local Authorities
19 March 2013 - Ghent, Belgium
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