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Covenant of Mayors
  Covenant Newsletter June 2012  
Energy autonomy, self-sustaining economy
Interview with Camille Gira, Mayor of Beckerich. The small, rural municipality of Beckerich in Luxembourg has set itself the very ambitious objective of achieving energy self-sufficiency, making optimisation of natural resources one of its utmost priorities. The progressive implementation of this vision, embodied by the very dedicated Mayor Camille Gira, is bearing fruit in terms of local economic development and in building the municipality’s international reputation. But for such (...) Read more
  Inspiring Achievements
  While the Earth Summit international negotiations in Rio did not, as expected, lead to groundbreaking change, local and regional authorities have once again appeared as a source of hope and shown their determination to lead the pace of (...) Read more In view of the budget crisis that has taken its toll on Europe, and which has considerably reduced the scope for action of local authorities, cooperation with the private sector is increasingly emerging as a central element to reach the Covenant (...) Read more  
  Latest highlights
  Has your administration implemented a project, set of measures or action which has already shown some results in terms of local economic development and quality of life improvement? If so, the Covenant of Mayors Office is interested to learn (...) Read more Senior EU officials and high level representatives from local and regional authorities speaking at the ManagEnergy annual conference last June have all concurred in one thing: the Covenant of Mayors is the reference frame of action for local (...) Read more The EU-China Mayors’ Forum is a core element of the Urbanisation Partnership which was officially launched by Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso in February of this year, with the key objective (...) Read more  
  Upcoming events
  19 septembre 2012 - Brussels, Belgium  
  26 juillet 2012 - Nynäshamn  
  9 août 2012 - Tampere, Finland  
  7 - 22 septembre 2012 - Vallée de Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France  
  18 - 19 septembre 2012 - Malmö, Sweden  
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