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Covenant of Mayors
  Covenant Coordinators and Supporters Newsletter July - August 2012  
Proximity, transparency, accountability: The Covenant philosophy
Interview with Marino Fiasella, President of the Province of La Spezia. In this exclusive interview with the Covenant of Mayors Office, Marino Fiasella, President of the Province of La Spezia, highlights what he believes are the main reasons for the initiative’s success. Among other things, he mentions the importance given to citizen empowerment and access to information and talks about the dynamics unleashed by the Covenant of Mayors in terms of multi-level government cooperation and (...) Read more
  Inspiring achievements
« Together for sustainable energy » : Teramo Province launches wide-ranging Covenant of Mayors communication campaign
To spread the Covenant of Mayors message across its territory, the Province of Teramo – one of the initiative Territorial Coordinators - has launched a multi-directional, integrated communication campaign, based on a unique format but customized (...) Read more
Basque Country: Touring exhibition visits Covenant of Mayors signatory municipalities
With the support of the Basque Energy Agency and one of the Covenant of Mayors Coordinators - a touring exhibition promoting sustainable mobility and energy efficiency practices visited last July a series of municipalities from the Basque (...) Read more
  Latest Highlights
EU-China Mayors Forum: Registration is open!
Registration for the EU-China Mayors Forum is now open via the conference website using the password EUChinaBrussels. Read more
Covenant of Mayors made simpler with launch of e-learning tool!
The new e-learning material produced by the Covenant of Mayors Office provides an interactive learning opportunity for those wishing to deepen their technical knowledge of the Covenant of Mayors. It aims at building the capacity of both (...) Read more
Open Days 2012: Covenant signatories to speak about EU funding
The Covenant of Mayors Office is co-organizing an event on 10 October on the importance of EU funding and innovative financing schemes to implement Sustainable Energy Action Plans at the local (...) Read more
  Events & webinars
EU-China Mayors’ Forum
19 septembre 2012 - Brussels, Belgium
How can EU cohesion policy funds support the actions of Covenant of Mayors signatories?
10 October 2012 - Brussels, Belgium
EU 2020 Climate targets – New challenges and chances for cities and regional authorites
4 September 2012 - Darmstadt, Germany
Covenant capaCITY Conference - Energy Action Planning made easy!
18 - 19 September 2012 - Malmo, Sweden
EU-Eastern European Partners Cooperation in Energy Security: Achievements, Barriers and Prospects
19 September 2012 - Brussels, Belgium
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