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  Covenant Newsletter July - August 2012  
Reaping the benefits of energy efficiency
Interview with Andres Jaadla, Mayor of Rakvere, Estonia After signing the Covenant of Mayors in January 2009, Rakevere became the first city in Estonia to take the political commitment to adopt a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) in order to meet EU climate and energy targets. This SEAP, which fostered the emergence of an energy efficiency movement in the city, points to six priority lines of action, including district heating, energy efficiency in buildings, water management, urban (...) Read more
  Inspiring achievements
  The Birmingham city council is to benefit from the financial support of the ELENA technical assistance programme for the implementation of an ambitious energy saving scheme outlined in its Sustainable Energy Action (...) Read more Can a small municipality of 50,000 inhabitants in central/northern Portugal be at the forefront of sustainable urban innovation despite the crisis and the lack of opportunities at the national level ? Águeda points to a positive answer thanks to (...) Read more  
  Latest Highlights
  Registration for the EU-China Mayors Forum is now open via the conference website using the password EUChinaBrussels. Read more The new e-learning material produced by the Covenant of Mayors Office provides an interactive learning opportunity for those wishing to deepen their technical knowledge of the Covenant of Mayors. It aims at building the capacity of both (...) Read more The Covenant of Mayors Office is co-organizing an event on 10 October on the importance of EU funding and innovative financing schemes to implement Sustainable Energy Action Plans at the local (...) Read more  
  Upcoming events
  19 septembre 2012 - Brussels, Belgium  
  10 October 2012 - Brussels, Belgium  
  4 September 2012 - Darmstadt, Germany  
  18 - 19 September 2012 - Malmo, Sweden  
  19 September 2012 - Brussels, Belgium  
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