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  Covenant Newsletter May 2011  
London as a laboratory for green growth
Interview with Emma Strain, Head of Environment at the London Development Agency. London is on the right track to complete its transition to a low-carbon economy, tapping into multiple funding sources, including EU grants and programmes such as the JESSICA initiative. An early signatory to the Covenant of Mayors, the city has set an ambitious 60% CO2 reduction target by 2025 and its Sustainable Energy Action Plan is currently under review by the Joint Research Centre. Head of Environment, (...) Read more
  Latest Highlights
  In the media’s eyes a story is only a story if it has a personal angle. The Covenant of Mayors is looking for innovative ways of promoting the actions and successes of signatories. These successful actions impact on the lives of local residents (...) Read more The Covenant of Mayors Thematic Leaflet “Inspirational Financing Schemes: Food for Thought for Covenant Signatories” is now available in all 23 EU languages, downloadable from the library of the support (...) Read more Promote the adhesion of Italian cities to the Covenant of Mayors; showcase cutting-edge technology in the field of sustainability; raise citizens’ awareness of sustainable energy issues; demonstrate the economic and technical viability of (...) Read more  
  Inspiring Achievements
  To fulfil its ambitious objectives in the fields of environment, sustainable development and climate mitigation, and comply with the measures set out in its Sustainable Energy Action Plan, the City of Bergen (Norway) home to an estimated 256,000 (...) Read more Covenant Signatory L’Estany, a small village in the Barcelona Province, Spain, recently changed its whole public lighting system to LED technology. This sustainable transition was financially supported by the Barcelona Province, a Covenant (...) Read more  
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