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  Covenant Coordinators and Supporters Newsletter May - August 2013  
What’s hot, what’s new, what’s next?
What better occasion than the slow holiday rhythm to get a brief overview of past, present and upcoming activities? Moving deeper into the summer, good news keep flowing in, as the Covenant Community can now celebrate 3,000 adopted Sustainable Energy Action Plans and close to 5,000 committed signatory municipalities! And who is to be congratulated for these impressing results? Well, in great part, they are the fruit of the hard work of Covenant of Mayors Coordinators and Supporters, the (...) Read more
  Inspiring Achievements
When oil royalties finance sustainable energy: Inspiration from Covenant municipalities in Italy
In the Basilicata Region, policies support the transfer of oil royalties from companies operating in the region towards sustainable energy initiatives foreseen in the action plans of Covenant signatory municipalities. This region of Italty is (...) Read more
Province of Girona: Over 90% of municipalities supported in reaching Covenant climate and energy objectives
In just about three years, the number of municipalities committed to the Covenant of Mayors in the Girona Province went from only three in 2010 to over 190 in 2013! Altogether, the signatory municipalities cover a population of 700,000 (...) Read more
  Latest Highlights
How to make money and energy savings through LED lighting
In a web article about the transition to LED lighting, the European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology mentions the example of six Covenant of Mayors Signatories having succeeded in the field, namely (...) Read more
Sustainable freight transport: Tools and methodologies co-produced by five Covenant cities
The Covenant of Mayors cities of Newcastle, Stuttgart, Hal-Tarxien, Emilia-Romagna and Leicester are among seven involved in the IEE-funded project C-LIEGE, which seeks to showcase good practices from European cities having developed cleaner (...) Read more
Covenant Signatories stay informed on renewable energy legislation and implementation via new website
The IEE-funded ‘Keep on track!’ project has now officially launched its website: . Coordinated by the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC), Keep on track! monitors the progress made by EU member states in the implementation of renewable energy (...) Read more
  Events & webinars
Covenant Event: EU funds catalysing a shift towards sustainable energy investments in cities
9 October 2013 - Brussels, Belgium
5th Climate Action Day Greifswald
24 August 2013 - Greifswald, Germany
European Car-Free Day
22 September 2013 - Petrosani, Romania
Summit CROENERGY 2013: Sustainable Energy Finance and Investment
2 - 4 October 2013 - Tuheljske toplice, Croatia
A new step for the Covenant of Mayors : Multilevel dialogue and innovative governance
8 October 2013 - Brussels, Belgium
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