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  Covenant Newsletter November 2013  
Looking to become a European Green Capital city ? Learn from Bristol’s champion strategy
Interview with George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol. Investing in sustainable energy makes economic sense. Bristol is a case in point, as well illustrated by Mr Ferguson in this exclusive Covenant of Mayors interview. The first ever directly-elected Mayor of Bristol, who “prefers to be in the city than in the city hall” also attaches great importance to the social dimension, with tackling fuel poverty coming out as one of his crucial priorities. On top of creating jobs, helping to reduce energy (...) Read more
  Inspiring Achievements
  Five Covenant of Mayors Signatories - Santander, Cordoba, Terrassa, Marbella and the Island Council of La Palma – are to receive technical assistance funding to support the development of investment programmes foreseen in their Sustainable Energy (...) Read more The Covenant city of Manchester is one of the project partners that coordinated the development of the ICT Roadmap for Energy Efficient Neighborhoods (IREEN), a project funded under the 7th Framework (...) Read more  
  Latest Highlights
  A staggering 40 European mayors - among which several Covenant signatory cities - met their Chinese counterparts on 21 November in Beijing at the EU-China Urbanisation Forum. The objective of the event was twofold : increasing cooperation (...) Read more Climate mitigation and adaptation efforts at local level were at the center of the Warsaw Dialogue held in the framework of the COP19 last week, with Covenant of Mayors signatory cities showing their frontline experience in designing (...) Read more Eight European signatory cities -London, Helsinki, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Milan, Riga, Dijon and Dunkirk- shared their urbanisation challenges and solutions on the occasion of a 2-day conference in Mumbai, India. Held on 18-19 November 2013, the (...) Read more  
  Upcoming events
  28 November 2013 - On-line event, Slovakia  
  29 November 2013 - Bologna, Italy  
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