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  Covenant Newsletter September 2011  
Harvesting local resources, benefitting the economy
Interview with István Zachariaš, Mayor of Moldava nad Bodvou, Slovakia. Moldava nad Bodvou joined as a Covenant of Mayors Signatory as early as May 2008, having now moved into the implementation phase of its Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). Located in the Košice Region of eastern Slovakia, the city lies in a territory with remarkable potential in the area of exploitation of renewable energy sources. Measures in this field thus constitute an important dimension of the city’s SEAP and a (...) Read more
  Latest Highlights
  The date of the 2011 Covenant of Mayors ceremony has just been confirmed: it is set to take place on 29 November in the premises of the European Parliament, Brussels. The timing of the event is strategic, as it will coincide with the (...) Read more Close to 740 local authorities have now uploaded their action plan – to be submitted alongside the SEAP template – outlining a number of key measures which are set to impact the living conditions of an estimated 68 million inhabitants. All (...) Read more The new Covenant of Mayors Extranet is live! Covenant Signatories, Coordinators and Supporters can now benefit from a whole new range of functions, ways to promote their actions, monitor progress and submit (...) Read more  
  Inspiring Achievements
  The cities of Sofia (Bulgaria) and Bucharest (Romania) just joined the list of European capitals which have signed the Covenant of Mayors, pledging to take decisive actions in an effort to curb their CO2 emissions by at least 20% by (...) Read more As confirmed by the recent adhesion of Ushuaia (Argentina), the Covenant of Mayors’ appeal stretches far beyond EU borders. This trend is set to continue, as notably demonstrated by a series of activities foreseen within “SURE”, a project launched (...) Read more  
  Upcoming events
  12 October - online & in Brussels, Belgium  
  30 September - 1 October - Istanbul, Turkey  
  6 October - Paris, France  
  6-7 October - Gothenburg, Sweden  
  13 - 14 October - Leuven, Belgium  
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