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  Covenant Coordinators and Supporters Newsletter September 2012  
Full steam ahead towards sustainable energy
Interview with Peter Chudík, President of the Prešov Region, Slovakia. The Prešov Region is the first among “new” EU member states to have joined the Covenant of Mayors. This commitment to assist municipalities with sustainable energy planning has come hand in hand with the organisation of the Region first Energy Day. A series of activities have been taking place within this framework, which created a new dynamic in the Prešov Region: citizens are now showing increased interest in energy issues, (...) Read more
  Latest Highlights
Newly published guidelines explain role of Covenant of Mayors Supporters
What does it mean to be a Covenant Supporter? How to implement the commitments? Where to start? Answers to these and many other questions can now be found in the newly published “Guidelines for Covenant Supporters” produced by the (...) Read more
Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan award: local authorities invited to submit their applications
Under the theme ‘stakeholder and citizen participation’, local and regional authorities can submit their applications for the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan award of € 10, 000 until 9 November (...) Read more
  Inspiring Achievements
Energy Performance Contracting: 98 public buildings set to benefit from Covenant of Mayors project in Milan Province
Thanks to the “Energy Efficiency Milan Covenant of Mayors project”, - designed with the financial support of the ELENA technical assistance facility - 98 public buildings, mainly schools, located in the Province of Milan are set to benefit from (...) Read more
EU Campaign “ENGAGE” helps Covenant signatory cities to mobilise their citizens
Through the EU-funded campaign ENGAGE - coordinated by Covenant Supporter Energy Cities-, several signatory cities have managed to mobilise their citizens and municipal staff, by encouraging them to take concrete commitments towards climate (...) Read more
  Events & webinars
Funding Opportunities: Covenant of Mayors OPEN DAYS Event
10 October 2012 - Brussels, Belgium
European cities and regions fit for the future: Integrating heat pumps in local infrastructure
11 October 2012 - Brussels, Belgium
Climate Alliance Germany Annual Event : EcoMobil
14 - 15 November 2012 - Messe Offenburg, Germany
Cities in energy transition
21 November 2012 - Gent, Belgium
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