Illustration Administrative structures

Creation of adequate administrative structures

Devising sustainable energy and climate action policies is a challenging and time-consuming process that has to be planned and continuously managed. It requires collaboration and coordination between various departments in the local administration, such as environmental protection, land use and spatial planning, economics and social affairs, buildings and infrastructure management, mobility and transport, budget and finance, procurement, civil protection, etc.

To reinforce your capacity for achieving your Covenant of Mayors objectives, your internal administrative structures should be adjusted and optimised. Specific departments with suitable competencies should be assigned as well as sufficient financial and human resources dedicated to the implementation of the Covenant of Mayors commitments. It is essential that sustainable energy and climate adaptation management is integrated with the other actions and initiatives of your relevant municipality departments, and you need to ensure that it becomes part of the overall planning of your local authority.

Further information: Action Plan guidebook and Step 1.3. of the Urban Adaptation Support Tool.

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