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  March 2011
Earmarking EU funds for Covenant of Mayors objectives
Interview with Mauro Di Dalmazio, Vice-President for Environment and Energy Policy in Abruzzo. On 4 May 2010 the Abruzzo Region signed an agreement with the European Commission to become Supporting Structure of the Covenant of Mayors. Home to (...) Read more
  April 2011
Sardinia CO2.0: An inclusive, far-reaching strategy
Interview with Mr. Ugo Cappellacci, President of the Sardinia Region. Signatory to the Pact of Islands, the Sardinia Region has now kick-started the process of becoming a Covenant of Mayors Territorial Coordinator. An official signing ceremony (...) Read more
  May 2011
Gearing up for a CO2-neutral future
Interview with Frank Smeets, Deputy Minister for Environmental Affairs at the Province of Limburg. Climate mitigation is high on the political agenda in Limburg. The Belgian Province is committed to becoming climate neutral by 2020 and is (...) Read more
  June 2011
Covenant of Mayors in Poland: From promotion to consolidation
Interview with Zbigniew Michniowski, President of PNEC and Deputy-Mayor of Bielsko-Biala. First Covenant Supporter in Poland, the Polish Network Energie-Cités (PNEC) is a strategic partner of the Covenant of Mayors initiative in the country, (...) Read more
  September 2011
Covenant of Mayors map: Asserting Malta’s position
Interview with Jimmy Magro, Secretary General of Malta’s Local Council Association (LCA). Already 37 out of the 68 municipalities of Malta have committed to pursue the ambitious objectives of the Covenant of Mayors. This in part is to be (...) Read more
  October 2011
Governing in partnership: The "Abruzzo Model"
Interview with Valter Catarra, President of the Province of Teramo. Through extensive cooperation with the neighbouring provinces and Abruzzo Region, the Province of Teramo is successfully fulfilling its role of Territorial (...) Read more
  November 2011
Provinces and regions help signatories deliver sustainable future
To date, over 1,000 Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) have been adopted by Covenant Signatories and submitted to the European Commission. The steady increase of this number is to a large extent to be attributed to the coordination role (...) Read more
  January 2012
Spotlight on Denmark: The Zealand Region's experience
Interview with Chairman of the Regional Council Steen Bach Nielsen. Issues related to energy, environment and climate change are at the heart of the Danish government priorities for the presidency of the European Union, which it took over from (...) Read more
  February 2012
A+CoM: An Italian award scheme for best Sustainable Energy Action Plans
Interview with Karl-Ludwig Schibel, Executive Director of Climate Alliance Italy. A large majority of Covenant of Mayors Signatories are Italian local authorities. The ever-growing popularity of the initiative in the country and the (...) Read more
  April 2012
Matching national ambitions with EU agenda
Interview with Serafin Pazos-Vidal, Head of European Affairs at the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities. In Scotland, local authorities are all committed to very ambitious climate and energy objectives as part of their national framework. (...) Read more
  May 2012
Covenant of Mayors: Driving change in local communities
Interview with Salvador Esteve, President of the Barcelona Provincial Council. The Barcelona Province is one of the most active Covenant Coordinators. It was among the early beneficiaries of the ELENA technical assistance, which proved (...) Read more
  June 2012
Sustainable energy as a regional priority
Interview with Simion Creţu, Director of the Centru Regional Development Agency (Romania). The Centru Regional Development Agency (RDA) is among the first such bodies to join as Covenant Coordinator. Indeed, in countries where there are no (...) Read more
  July - August 2012
Proximity, transparency, accountability: The Covenant philosophy
Interview with Marino Fiasella, President of the Province of La Spezia. In this exclusive interview with the Covenant of Mayors Office, Marino Fiasella, President of the Province of La Spezia, highlights what he believes are the main reasons for (...) Read more
  September 2012
Full steam ahead towards sustainable energy
Interview with Peter Chudík, President of the Prešov Region, Slovakia. The Prešov Region is the first among “new” EU member states to have joined the Covenant of Mayors. This commitment to assist municipalities with sustainable energy planning has (...) Read more
  November 2012
Twinning for sustainable energy planning
Cross-Interviews with Gino Van Begin, Deputy Secretary General of ICLEI and Tudor Pendiuc, Mayor of Piteşti and President of the Association of Romanian Municipalities. In this interview, two high-level representatives of organisations acting as (...) Read more
  December 2012
Municipalities, architects, tourism industry: Alicante Province rallies everybody around sustainable energy
Interview with Luisa Pastor Lillo, President of the Alicante Provincial Council, Spain. On top of the extensive support it provides to signatories, the Provincial Council of Alicante is also collaborating with a wide-range of actors across its (...) Read more
  January 2013
A regional strategy for climate neutrality
Interview with Mayor Jan Hoekema, Portfolio Holder on European Policy for the Hague Region, The Netherlands. The Hague Region is an urban area consisting of nine municipalities, three of which – Delft, Midden-Delfland and Zoetermeer - are (...) Read more
  March 2013
The multi facets of Covenant of Mayors support
Interview with Tarja Laine, ENTP Board Member and City Planning Director at Vantaa Municipality. Founded in 2001, the European New Towns & Pilot Cities Platform (ENTP) represents local governments working on common pilot projects in the fields (...) Read more
  May - August 2013
What’s hot, what’s new, what’s next?
What better occasion than the slow holiday rhythm to get a brief overview of past, present and upcoming activities? Moving deeper into the summer, good news keep flowing in, as the Covenant Community can now celebrate 3,000 adopted Sustainable (...) Read more
  September 2013
Saving money and energy ? How a committed association supports municipalities in Italy
Interview with Paolo di Laura Frattura, President of the Molise Region and of the ALI ComuniMolisani association. In the Molise region – home to 300,000 inhabitants – local authorities receive crucial guidance on how to cut municipal expenditures (...) Read more
  November 2013
How the birthplace of the automotive industry became a champion in sustainable mobility
Interview with Thomas S. Bopp, Chairman of the Stuttgart Region. In a region that is traditionally known as the heart of the automotive industry, every effort is made to support sustainable development notably through an ambitious and integrated (...) Read more
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