Illustration Webináre 2014

Utilities and cities: New ways to cooperate for energy efficiency
11 December 2014
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Ulrich Rieke - Stadtwerke Wuppertal (see PPT), Karen Klerk - Alliander (see PPT)

Competitive district heating: A solution for energy issues in Central-Eastern Europe
5 December 2014
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Martin Hájek - Czech District Heating and Cooling Association (see PPT)

Financing public lighting refurbishment
2 December 2014
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Lindsay McGregor - Scottish Futures Trust (see PPT), Michael Vanhove - City of Antwerp (see PPT).

New opportunities to finance energy efficiency investments at the local level
28 November 2014
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Mr Roman Doubrava, European Commission’s DG ENERGY (see PPT)

Sustainable freight transport - How to make city logistics greener?
27 November 2014
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Randy Rzewnicki - European Cyclist Federation, (see PPT), Julius Menge - City of Berlin (see PPT), and Antonio Pio Morra - City of Bologna, (see PPT)

The Nearly Zero Energy Challenge for housing providers and cities - A contribution to energy security?
4 November 2014
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Anu Sarnet - EKYL, Estonia (see PPT), Eva Bauer - GbV, Austria (see PPT), Steve Cole - NHF, UK (see PPT) and Eleonora Gaydarova - Union of Homeowners Associations, Bulgaria (see PPT).

Buenas prácticas en el alumbrado público
28 October 2014
Recording - Español (es)
Speakers: Blanca Martinez de Foix - DIBA ([presentation>]-) and Patricia Abuin Garcia - Diputación de Huelva (presentation).

Innovative procurement
2 October 2014
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Vasileios Tsanidis (European Commission) - PPT, Caterina Sampol (AQUAS Barcelona) - PPT.

Fondi europei per lo sviluppo di progetti d’investimento
25 September 2014
Recording - italiano (it)
Speakers: Adrien Bullier - EASME (PPT), Silvio de Nigis - Provincia di Torino (PPT), Daniela Luise - Comune di Padova (PPT).

Assessing CO2 emissions in transport, supporting planning activities for Sustainable Energy Action Plans and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
10 September 2014
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Tim Durant - Rupprecht Consult & Daniela Stoycheva - POLIS network (see PPT), Hjalmar Christiansenn - Danish Technical University (see PPT), Lutske Lindeman - City of Rotterdam (see PPT).

Retrofitting municipal buildings
11 July 2014
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Philippe Moseley - EASME (see PPT), Reinhard Six - European Investment Bank (see PPT), and Sofia Lorenz - City of Murcia (see PPT).

Ridurre, cambiare, migliorare: misure per la mobilità sostenibile nei Comuni italiani
10 July 2014
Recording - italiano (it)
Speakers: Massimo Ciuffini - Architetto Progettista (see PPT), Raffaele Sforza - Regione Puglia (see PPT), Lorenzo Bertuccio - Euromobility (see PPT), and Alberto Milotti - Gruppo Clas.

Il Conto Termico per l’energia rinnovabile e l’efficienza energetica nei Comuni italiani
3 July 2014
Recording - italiano (it)
Speakers: Ennio Ferrero - Unità Conto Termico (see PPT), Federica Stabile - Unità Conto Termico (see PPT), Lucia Uccelli - municipality of Montechiarugolo (see PPT), and Roberto Bilzi - municipality of Fontanellato (see PPT).

Fondi della Politica di Coesione 2014-2020 e Patto dei Sindaci in Italia’
17 June 2014
Recording - italiano (it)
Speakers: Cosimo Antonaci - DPS (see PPT), Antonio Sorgi & Iris Flacco - Regione Abruzzo (see PPT), Davide Scapinelli - Regione Emilia Romagna (see PPT)

Cohesion Policy Funding 2014-2020: What opportunities for buildings?
11 April 2014
Recording - English (en)
Speakers: Adrian Joyce - EuroACE (presentation), Maud Skäringer - European Commission - Directorate for Regional Policy (presentation).

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