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The European Alliance to Save Energy joins the ranks of Covenant Associated Partners
In November 2011, the [European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE)->], a grouping of business leaders, politicians and campaigners supporting the uptake of energy-efficient solutions, became Associated Partner of the Covenant of Mayors. President of the Alliance Monica Frassoni looks forward to seeing EU-ASE’s members work hand-in-hand with Covenant Signatories, as “it is more important than ever that the private and the public sector work together to ensure that policy- makers stop seeing energy efficiency as a nice-to-have and make it a need-to-have.”

As was pointed-out on numerous occasions during the latest Covenant of Mayors Ceremony, investment in energy efficiency is key to facing the economic and social crises, through the creation of new jobs and development of local economies.

EU-ASE believes that even though Europe has the solutions, there are many technologies, products and services that remain on the shelf largely because the EU lacks the right policy mix. The association has been created to address this problem by bringing together leading companies providing a wide range of energy-efficient solutions, prominent European politicians, thought-leaders and campaigners from across Europe to ensure that policy makers are aware of what can be delivered to create an energy-efficient Europe.

The adoption of a strong Energy Efficiency Directive would be a first step in this direction, and EU-ASE hopes that the examples of Covenant Signatories will inspire policy makers to steer the directive in the right direction . “Energy efficiency is fundamentally a bottom-up approach and the benefits of finding more energy-efficient ways to, for example, control traffic, manage buildings, power ICT and essentially improve the quality of living and working in communities across the EU, are too good to ignore”, says Monica Frassoni.

EU-ASE members have a strong track-record of deploying energy-efficient solutions in cooperation with local and regional authorities. In light of this, President Frassoni looks forward to bringing the expertise of her members to the Covenant, “providing guidance and support to signatories and sharing best practice and know-how.”

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