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Abruzzo Region awarded for leadership role in multi-level governance
A Covenant Territorial Coordinator, the Abruzzo Region has been playing a pioneering role in involving provinces and municipalities in its territory-wide strategy for sustainable energy planning. For its efforts in this regard, the region was recently awarded the first prize in the category “Sustainable Municipalities and Territories” in the framework of the general contest [“Eco and the City”, organised by the Giovanni Spadolini Foundation.->]

"The idea of getting the region, provinces and municipalities around the same table to define common goals is proving very successful" - explained Antonio Sorgi, the Director of the Regional Energy Agency. "As a result of this process, 700 measures are now on-going, every municipality has a model and citizens have the opportunity to witness first hand the benefits of energy efficiency.

"Through the Covenant of Mayors, provinces have demonstrated their role and contribution to supporting the municipalities’ efforts and now the idea is to extend this model to other areas," added President of the Province of Teramo, Valter Catarra.

On 9 November, the region also received a special mention in the framework of the Competition "Sustainable Energy in the City" sponsored by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea (MATTM) and the National Institute of Urban Planning (INU) under the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign in Italy .

This competition targets individuals, public and private bodies who have excelled in urban planning, energy management and sustainable development.

For the 2011 edition of the competition, the Commission gave a special mention to Abruzzo for its successful management of the Covenant and for having developed programming and governance tools aimed at achieving EU objectives through the involvement of all the provinces and municipalities from the region.

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