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Barcelona Province develops pilot monitoring system to assess action plans progress
As a Covenant of Mayors Coordinator, the Province of Barcelona has pledged to support municipalities from its territory in the drafting, implementation and monitoring of their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs). Thanks to the province’s efforts, 190 municipalities have joined the Covenant of Mayors and as many as 158 have already adopted their SEAP.

As foreseen in the Covenant step-by-step commitments, once signatories have submitted their action plans, they are requested to report on implementation every two years. In this context, the province has developed a pilot monitoring system which is currently being tested by municipalities. Three workshops have been organised so far to facilitate the process and gather feedback on suggested improvements from participating municipalities.

The monitoring system is based on an Excel spreadsheet that is both suitable for major cities (over 50,000 inhabitants) and small municipalities. It is flexible enough to include estimated or real data and results are presented in a report format. According to the first reports (covering 27 municipalities), estimated CO2 emissions reduction have already reached 23% of the total target. Over 50% of the actions are on-going (39%) or completed (13%), while 48% remain pending.

Preliminary results indicate that the greatest difficulties faced by municipalities relate to the funding of actions. In addition, the reports also show that most on-going or implemented initiatives focus on areas directly managed by the local authorities, such as energy optimisation in municipal facilities and public lighting.

The Barcelona Province administration is part of a group of practitioners cooperating with the Covenant of Mayors Office and Joint Research Centre to develop the monitoring system of the initiative itself, which is to be launched in 2013.

Other Covenant Coordinators having developed similar systems are invited to share their experience, notably through the Benchmark of Excellence section.

See here a more complete description of the monitoring system developed by the Province.

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