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Belarusian signatory adopts Sustainable Energy Action Plan
The municipal council of Polotsk, the first signatory in Belarus, has adopted the city’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) on 26 March 2012. This roadmap was developed within the framework of the [CUIDAD->]-financed project [SURE->], which made it possible for experienced signatories [Murcia->] (Spain) and [Friedrichshafen->] (Germany) to share their know-how and good practices with the Belarusian city.

The “Sustainable Energy Action Plan is, in fact, the embodiment of how these state-of-the-art practices are applied in Polotsk in accordance with local needs of the city and its people,” said the City Mayor Aliaksandr Pazniak.

In February of 2012, the city held an open consultation for the approval of the plan, which culminated in a public hearing held on 13 March, ahead of the official adoption by the council on the 26th.

The monitoring of the SEAP implementation will be coordinated by a special Sustainable Energy Group consisting of major city stakeholders involved in the energy field. The first SEAP measure, to be introduced in May 2012, foresees the installation of LED street lights on the main city avenue, and is to be financed with € 40,000 from the SURE project’s budget.

For additional information read the official press release or contact Polotsk Press Officer Marina Borisova at

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