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Birmingham to benefit from ELENA technical assistance
The Birmingham city council is to benefit from the financial support of the [ELENA technical assistance programme->] for the implementation of an ambitious energy saving scheme outlined in its [Sustainable Energy Action Plan->].

The initiative, called Birmingham Energy Savers, will be granted £1.3 million worth of ELENA funding with the aim of equipping 60,000 city homes with energy-saving measures such as new boilers, improved insulation and solar panels.

By fitting homes across Birmingham with energy saving measures we will be helping citizens, including some of the poorest, to save money on their domestic fuel bills – making a real difference to their day-to-day lives,", said Councillor James McKay, Cabinet Member for a Green, Safe and Smart city.

The ELENA technical assistance programme will not only support the scheme general set up : it will also allow the city to carry out feasibility studies and development activities, such as market testing and supply chain development.

After the implementation of two initial pilot phases, which already benefited some 1,200 properties so far, this latest stage of the programme is expected to kick off in October, constituting a first step towards the long-term objective of retrofitting some 200,000 homes in the city.

The European Investment Bank, which manages ELENA technical assistance on behalf of the European Commission’s IEE programme, anticipates that this initiative should serve as a model for other local authorities from Europe and the UK to follow suit.

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