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CEB-ELENA supports sustainable energy investments for disadvantaged regions or populations
The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) has developed the [CEB-ELENA facility->] in partnership with the European Commission and with the support of the [Intelligent Energy Europe II programme.->]

The main difference between CEB-ELENA and other ELENA facilities is that CEB-ELENA supports only projects that are aimed to benefit disadvantaged regions or populations, with the overall objective of fostering social cohesion in Europe.

CEB-ELENA provides support to public entities by subsidising the technical assistance that they need to prepare and implement energy efficiency or renewable energy projects, such as retrofitting housing, schools and hospitals, investing in district cooling and heating networks or improving the energy efficiency of trams and buses. CEB-ELENA funds up to 90% of the costs related to feasibility studies, energy audits, tendering processes or the unit in charge of preparing and implementing such projects. The grants may be provided directly by the CEB or through Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs). PFIs are banks that have concluded a CEB-ELENA funding agreement with the CEB.

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Would you like to listen to an expert explanation ? Do not miss the Covenant of Mayors Office webinar to be held on 30 April at 11:00, an opportunity to get answers to all of your questions about this facility. More information on the webinar will be posted soon on the website and Extranet sections.

Find examples of potential CEB-ELENA projects here.

More information about CEB-ELENA.

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