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Covenant cities on track to reach their 2020 targets! -28% CO2, -20% energy use, +18% local energy
An analysis of 122 monitoring reports carried out by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre [1] shows that signatory cities are well on track to achieve their Covenant commitments.

Four main indicators stand out:

- Greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 23%

- Final energy consumption has been reduced by 14%

- The share of renewable energy sources in final energy consumption has more than quadrupled and reached 14%

- Local renewable energy production has more than tripled.

Based on the signatories’ sustainable energy action plans, estimated level by 2020 [2] are expected to be:

- Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of 28%

- Reduction in final energy consumption of 20%

- Increase in the share of local energy production in final energy consumption of 18%.

The 3,000 Benchmarks of Excellence submitted by signatory cities demonstrate the main actions being implemented in order to achieve these targets. Cities are showing that they can help the European Union meet its energy and climate targets, especially in sectors not covered by the EU-ETS (Emissions Trading System) such as buildings and transport. In fact, 44% of overall greenhouse gas emissions expected to be reduced by 2020 will come from actions taking place in the buildings sector.

[1] JRC, 2016, “Covenant of Mayors: Monitoring indicators – Progress report of monitoring phase as of September 2015”, JRC Science and Policy Reports. [2] JRC, 2015, “The Covenant of Mayors in Figures and Performance Indicators: 6-year Assessment”, JRC Science and Policy Reports.

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