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Covenant cities pledge emission cuts exceeding carbon footprint of Belgium and Luxemburg combined!
>>See [ related Infographics here->]. New analysis conducted by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre found that the CO2 emission reductions planned by Covenant signatory cities amounted to 189 Mtonnes of CO2 eq., which is more than the current overall emissions of Belgium and Luxembourg combined.

Covering close to 3,500 signatories, the analysis reveals that the average 2020 CO2 reduction target adopted by the concerned cities is close to 30%, showing local authorities are not only ready to commit to EU objectives but actually plan to go far beyond these.

Such reductions would result from the wide range of measures identified in the cities’ Sustainable Energy Action Plans, and contribute a staggering 17% of the EU 2020 CO2 reduction target.

But where do cities plan to act first? The biggest share of CO2 cuts (44%) is foreseen through energy conservation measures, energy efficiency and integration of renewables in buildings. Actions targeting energy production and making use of endogenous energy resources to reduce foreign suppliers dependence come next, representing 23% of the expected CO2 cuts. Local energy production is expected to increase by 238 TWh by 2020, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of Spain. In terms of energy savings, the measures to be undertaken should lead to a 20% reduction in final energy consumption.

2014 marked an important milestone for the Covenant of Mayors with the launch of the reporting framework inviting cities to report progress on the implementation of their plans. With this framework, from 2015 onwards more data will allow the European Commission assess the related performance of signatory cities.

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