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Covenant of Mayors Videos: A promotional and educational resource!
Covenant Coordinators and Supporters are strongly encouraged to leverage the Covenant of Mayors videos, as part of their efforts to communicate on the initiative but also to present them as a useful educational resource to be used by signatories.

The videos feature best practice examples from Covenant of Mayors cities and regions, as well as some key facts and figures about the Covenant of Mayors initiative and the benefits it ultimately brings to local communities.

In Bielsko-Biala (Poland), Frankfurt (Germany), Malmö (Sweden), and the Abruzzo region (Italy), interviewed citizens explain what they would do for the environment if they were president of the EU and why cutting energy makes sense and saves money. While one film introduces the Covenant of Mayors initiative and gives an overview of some of its signatories’ key achievements, the other four, which have been shot in the above-mentioned cities and region, showcase very practical examples of local energy production, awareness-raising activities and carbon-free housing initiatives. To learn more about the largest green roof in Europe, houses that can be heated for €1 a day or wind turbine profits which finance the reconstruction of a church, visit the media section of the website and watch the videos!

Watch introductory film Watch film from Bielsko-Biala, Frankfurt, Malmö or Abruzzo

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