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Some 33 signatories fail to submit their action plan on time
Thirty-three Covenant Signatories have failed to submit their Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) on time and have thus been suspended from the Covenant of Mayors initiative.

By signing the Covenant local authorities pledge to reduce CO2 emissions in their territories by at least than 20% by 2020 – thereby going beyond the targets set out in the EU Energy and Climate Package. All of the initiative’s 3069 Signatories commit to submitting a SEAP – along with a Baseline Emissions Inventory (BEI) – within one year following their adhesion. The credibility of the Covenant is subject to the fulfilment of these commitments. For this reason, the European Commission enforces the Covenant termination clause in cases where local authorities do not comply with this first essential step towards fulfilling their climate mitigation commitment This is not the end of the road for the 33 local authorities concerned. Their status will be re-activated at any time once they have submitted their SEAP to the Covenant of Mayors Office, thus demonstrating their long-term commitment to the Covenant of Mayors objectives. Once these obligations have been met, they will again be considered as Signatories of the Covenant and benefit from a growing European visibility and support. The Covenant of Mayors Office and the European Commission strongly encourage these local authorities to submit their action plans and resume their active participation in the Covenant.

List of suspended cities

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