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'Covenant of Mayors should serve as a model to other continents', says Barcelona Province Deputy President
In an event organised this week in parallel to the [UN climate talks in Lima->], the Province of Barcelona Deputy President for Environment called on the Covenant of Mayors to serve as a model to be replicated in other continents, thus initiating the launch of a global movement.

“The Covenant of Mayors has become a reference for multi-level governance in Europe. It is based on a set of principles such as long-term commitment, citizens’ involvement, ambitious and integrated climate action,” noted Ms. Mercè Rius I Serra. With over 6,000 committed local authorities - 4,000 of which having adopted an action plan – the European experience shows that cities and regions are actually delivering change, moving faster than national governments and beyond good intentions.

During the event, co-organised by Climate Alliance and the Committee of the Regions, member of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Council Annabelle Jaeger called for local governments to be directly involved in international negotiations on climate change. "The time has now come for the UN and all negotiating partners to formally recognise local governments as partners in our shared fight against climate change. We demand that cities and regions be formally considered as governmental organisations and call for a new governance process whereby they are not simply given observer status, but participate in the formal negotiations”. To emphasize her point, she reminded the audience of a UNDP report which underlines that local and regional authorities contribute 70% of climate mitigation and 90% of adaptation measures.

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