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Covenant of Mayors welcomes CEMR among its official supporters
[The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR)->] recently joined the ranks of Covenant of Mayors Supporters. This represents a logical move for the association considering that the Covenant already plays a crucial role in its advocacy and political activities. Indeed, CEMR regularly mentions the Covenant in its position papers, as a leading example of local and regional authorities' contribution to EU energy and climate objectives.

Thanks to its bottom-up approach, the Covenant provides a means of promoting the concept of governance in partnership, a model which CEMR holds dear, as it allows municipalities, regions, provinces and national energy agencies all across Europe to set-up sustainable energy strategies together,” said CEMR director of policy Angelika Poth-Mögele.

In addition, CEMR is also one of the partner associations running the Covenant of Mayors Office, which is coordinated by a series of networks of local and regional authorities, including Energy Cities, Climate Alliance, EUROCITIES and FEDARENE.

Several of CEMR’s members, which are national associations of local and regional authorities, also number among the official Covenant of Mayors Supporters. As one of the coordinators of the Covenant of Mayors Office, CEMR deals with event management and relations with these Covenant Supporters.

As part of its newly-acquired role, CEMR will seek to defend the interest of the Covenant in national and European fora, disseminate Covenant-related information, facilitate its members’ adhesion to the initiative and organise experience-sharing activities between Covenant of Mayors stakeholders.

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