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What makes a good SEAP? A+CoM award conferred to nine Italian cities!
The A+CoM award, an initiative of [Climate Alliance Italy->] and [Kyoto Club->] which aims to acknowledge outstanding Sustainable Energy Action Plans adopted in Italy, was granted for the first time to nine cities on the occasion of a ceremony held on 26 May in Florence.

In the category up to 5,000 inhabitants, Montaione in Toscany received the award for a SEAP that takes the Covenant of Mayors as a point of departure and a roadmap towards the improvement of its citizens’ quality of life and the 20,000 annual tourists.

In the category of up to 20,000 inhabitants, Castelnuovo di Garda was rewarded for its administration’s efforts in the early collection of data for the elaboration of the SEAP, managed entirely by the city council staff.

In the category up to 90,000 inhabitants the award was granted ex aequo to two cities, Castelfranco Emilia for its excellent internal organisation, a concise and simple plan with interesting actions and Lodi for a plan elaborated entirely by the municipal experts and with very ambitious goals for the administration itself, as a basis to reach out to the tertiary and residential sector.

Above 90,000 inhabitants the scientific committee gave the award to the city of Genova for the depth of data collection, ambitious but realistic goals and the large scope of stakeholders’ involvement.

In the Province of Milano, Villasanta received an award of appreciation for the overall high quality of its plan and its initiatives of capacity building aimed to support the plan implementation. The little community of Palena in the Region of Abruzzo received the same recognition for its comprehensive database on municipal energy consumption.

Special mentions were given to the SEAPs of Bari (for its well thought-out blueprint on the job creation potential of sustainable energy actions) and Florence (for its awareness-raising and communication activities). In their praises the members of the Scientific Committee underlined the importance they attribute to the operational process of Sustainable Energy Actions Plans. “All of the plans”, said Karl-Ludwig Schibel, coordinator of Climate Alliance Italy, “have some methodological shortcomings, but they all reflect a strong will to act and are viable instruments for implementation, monitoring and adjusting the course while going ahead. A process with the potential of self-correction and adjustment is all-important in a moment where nobody has the perfect blueprint in his pocket.” Silvia Zamboni, environmental journalist, who presided the ceremony, concluded with the hope that other European countries will take up the initiative and that eventually there will be a European A+CoM award.

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