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EU Campaign “ENGAGE” helps Covenant signatory cities to mobilise their citizens
Through the EU-funded campaign [ENGAGE->] - coordinated by Covenant Supporter Energy Cities-, several signatory cities have managed to mobilise their citizens and municipal staff, by encouraging them to take concrete commitments towards climate change. Thanks to an easy-to-use online poster creation tool, citizens and city officials can customize pictures of themselves by including the logo of their city and the Covenant of Mayors' and add a text outlining their pledges to adopt eco-conscious behaviours. Over 4, 000 posters have now been created with this tool, with 6,800 people committed and 52 cities engaged.

To demonstrate how participative public relations campaigns can result in impressive energy savings, each ENGAGE city commits to monitor the commitments of a percentage of the participants and evaluate their energy consumption.

The first year involvement in the campaign is free for the 150 first local authorities to join.

What’s new ?

On the website homepage, the campaign video clips provide an idea of what other cities have done. In addition, a guidebook to assist cities in rolling out the campaign is now available in >>French, >>German, >>Polish and >>Spanish.

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