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EU – China Mayors’ Forum to be held on 19-20 September
The EU-China Mayors' Forum is a core element of the Urbanisation Partnership which was officially launched by Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso in February of this year, with the key objective of co-creating new models of sustainable, low-carbon city planning.

This high level political forum is set to hold its first meeting on 19-20 September in Brussels, as a side event to the EU-China Summit, and organisers are counting on the participation of Covenant of Mayors cities, as the initiative was identified as the most appropriate movement to interface with the Chinese Association of Mayors.

The Mayors’ Forum aims to support and facilitate contacts and direct co-operation between mayors and local authority representatives from the EU and China, echoing the concerns of citizens and companies from their territories and finding mutually beneficial co-operation opportunities.

Chinese authorities are interested in the EU experience of dense and clean cities, with efficient infrastructures, good private-public co-operation schemes and attention to social integration. The sheer size of the urbanisation process in China makes it a challenge for everyone, both in terms of co-operation against climate change and in terms of business opportunities.

Political support for the Mayors’ Forum will be confirmed during the event, in the presence of high level decision-makers from both China and the EU.

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