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EU-financed project supports Covenant of Mayors-related trainings in South Italy
With the goal of creating an elite of experts in energy and environmental policies, the “PON GAS-project” – financed through the European Social Fund - is launching a campaign in South Italy which aims to enhance the skills of local authority officials in environmental and sustainable development. Promoting the development of smarter and more efficient policies, the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea is seeking to position the region as a frontrunner in this field.

The overall purpose of the Ministry is to bridge the gap that exists between the number of Covenant Signatories from North and South Italy and help local authorities to elaborate high quality Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAPs).

From 11 September onwards, the Convergence Regions of Sicilia, Puglia, Calabria and Campania will host multiple events, including thematic workshops and training courses, most of which will be specifically devoted to supporting local authorities in the preparation of their SEAP. The primary target audience of such training programmes are officials and technicians from local and regional governments, with the objective of building the capacities of staff from public administrations.

"Increasing knowledge of environment and energy issues is one of the priority actions that provincial governments should aim for. The opportunity provided by the project PON GAS […] will undoubtedly result in positive outcomes in terms of increased awareness of technicians and officials of the local government on issues of sustainable development, in particular on the Covenant of Mayors," said Giuseppe Monaco, President of the Province of Enna.

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