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EU funding: new opportunities for Covenant Signatories
Covenant signatories and other local authorities have until 12 May 2011 to apply for funding under the European Commission Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme. Two categories of funding, identified in the 2011 Call for Proposals under “Integrated initiatives”, are particularly relevant for Covenant signatories.

The first one, “Local energy leadership”, supports exchanges between experienced and “learning” local authorities in the development and implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) and encourages such cooperation between public authorities and energy utilities.

The second initiative, “Mobilising local energy investments”, is a new technical assistance facility aimed at helping small and medium-sized authorities to translate the actions identified in their SEAP into “bankable” energy projects. Indeed, under this key IEE initiative, cities and regions can gain access to grants covering the costs of development and launching of sustainable energy investments on their territories (investment feasibility studies, costs associated with tendering procedures, technical engineering, etc.). The IEE programme covers up to 75% of the technical assistance costs and the grants received must lead to the launch of investments with a minimum leverage factor of 15 (each Euro of technical assistance costs must lead to investments of at least EUR 15). Public authorities from EU Member States, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Croatia are eligible.

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