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Energy performance and urban planning: Get inspired by STEP UP tools
STEP UP (Strategies Towards Energy Performance and Urban Planning) is an energy and sustainability planning project that has brought together 12 municipal, commercial and research partners from Glasgow, Ghent, Gothenburg and Riga (which are all Covenant of Mayors signatories) to assist cities in their transition towards a smart and low carbon future.

The project notably aimed at enhancing the Sustainable Energy Action Plans that the cities committed to the Covenant of Mayors have to prepare.

“We have developed tools and techniques, such as energy mapping and stakeholder analysis, to help us make our Sustainable Energy Action Plans more robust and ambitious”, says Gavin Slater, from Glasgow City Council.

STEP UP tools and techniques, such as energy mapping and stakeholder analysis, have been shared in a guide for city energy planning. The guide, together with a brochure on developing innovative low-carbon projects based on the experiences of the participating cities in identifying and developing their own projects, is intended to inspire other cities.

Indra Van Sande, from the city of Ghent, explains : “We took an innovative approach that integrates energy planning into wider city plans and policy objectives. So as well as reducing CO2 emissions, we are also working towards other goals, including improved energy security, food strategy, eradication of fuel poverty and greater urban regeneration and economic growth.”

The project has also developed a learning network of cities to encourage the sharing of tools and approaches, and replication of these across Europe. The Learning Network is composed of STEP UP companion cities and other cities interested in learning more about SEAP enhancement through one-to-one meetings, workshops, trainings and webinars.

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