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Energy planning in rural areas: customized methodology implemented in Covenant signatory cities
In rural environments, fulfilling the Covenant of Mayors commitment of submitting a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) within a one-year timeframe can come with very different and sometimes more challenging constraints than in urban settings. Common barriers include lack of financial, technical and staff capacities as well as lack of knowledge about the benefits and state-of-the-art of technologies. In addition, available methods and tools for the development of SEAPs are not always well-adapted to rural communities.

To address these challenges, the IEE-funded project eReNet supports the development, implementation and monitoring of SEAPs in a series of rural municipalities signatory to the Covenant of Mayors.

The assistance includes the identification of bankable projects to be funded by national EU structural funds and the development – notably through knowledge transfer of experience municipalities – of customized web tools and applications, publications, workshops and other capacity-building events.

It is in the framework of this project that the municipality of Judenburg submitted its SEAP, with a CO2 reduction objective of 28% from the 1990 baseline year. More specifically, key actions from the plan are set to address municipal buildings, with the target of reducing energy consumption by 24%, cutting CO2 emissions by 60% and using 100% of renewable energy for heating purposes.

Across the whole territory, Judenburg’s 2050 vision is to use energy that is generated 100% from renewable sources. To reach this target the potential of hydropower, photovoltaic and wind power is to be expanded from 30,000 MWh to a total production of 50,300 MWh, saving 15,600 tons of CO2 per year.

By 2020, close to €16 million are planned to be spent on the implementation of the measures described in the SEAP “Judenburg 2020”.

The experience gathered within the eReNet project made it easier for the town to access European funding and also led to its participation in the sustainable mobility project ADVANCE, also funded by IEE.

Judenburg is a member of Climate Alliance – a Covenant Supporterorganisation - and holder of the silver European Energy Award ®.

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