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Finland: Mayors of the six biggest cities challenge the others to join the Covenant of Mayors
The Covenant of Mayors initiative featured high on the agenda of the [6th Finnish Climate Conference->], organized on 3-4 May in Tampere. A panel with mayors from the biggest Finnish cities – all of which are signatories to the Covenant – challenged their counterparts to join the initiative and commit to ambitious CO2 reduction targets.

Participants debated the everyday challenges of local climate policies such as the creation of more compact cities and the crucial role of urban planning and sustainable transport solutions. Enhanced cooperation with key stakeholders, more structured and continuous work on climate and energy issues were mentioned as key benefits of joining the Covenant of Mayors.

The six biggest Finnish cities – Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Espoo, Vantaa and Oulu – have formed a climate network around the Covenant of Mayors with the aim of exchanging experiences and implementing joint actions. Their work programme already includes a set of 10 common actions such as identifying cost effective measures for their Sustainable Energy Action Plans, enhancing the uptake of clean vehicles and exploring partnership models with local business. This new cooperation endeavor once again illustrates the strategic role of the Covenant of Mayors, which serves as an exchange platform in Europe, be it between fellow cities or across different levels of government, inside or outside country borders.

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