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Five Italian municipalities adopt joint action plan with common CO2 reduction objective
To pool efforts in the development of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs), signatories can under certain conditions submit a joint SEAP, either committing individually -option 1- or collectively -option 2- to the 20% CO2 reduction target. One of the first group of signatories to have adopted such an approach, following option 2, is comprised of five Italian municipalities -Campo Ligure, Masone, Mele, Rossiglione, Tiglieto- resgistered under the name “Valli del S.O.L.”.

As foreseen under this particular option, explained in the FAQ section of the Covenant of Mayors website, the grouped signatories share a common profile on the Covenant of Mayors website. The online template of their SEAP is also common to the group and the SEAP document itself has to be approved by each of the associated signatories’ municipal council.

The five small-sized neighbouring municipalities, which are located in the Stura, Orba and Leira (S.O.L) valleys west of Genova, are home to less than 5.000 inhabitants each. Given their size, preexisting cooperation activities and common territorial identity, the decision to pool resources and follow this joint approach was quite straightforward. In June of this year, the common SEAP was approved by the five municipal councils. The Province of Genova, a Covenant Territorial Coordinator, played a key role in overseeing the process and providing the necessary technical support, with the cooperation of its in-house foundation “Muvita”.

The said SEAP includes common actions to be undertaken by the whole group of municipalities as well as more specific, individual measures. The common actions cover the sectors of buildings, public lighting, mobility, renewables, awareness-raising and urban planning. This joint SEAP development has been carried out with the support of the Energy for Mayors project co-financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

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