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Four Czech cities set up a municipal energy manager association
On the occasion of a [Covenant of Mayors workshop->], four Czech cities set up an association of municipal energy managers to help local authorities implement their ambitious energy and climate strategies.

The association was officially created by four founding members – Litoměřice, Chrudim, Kopřivnice and the district of Nový Lískovec (in Brno), on 24 October 2014 on the occasion of the Covenant of Mayors workshop entitled "Energy for cities of the 21st century” co-organised by the city Litoměřice.

“Energy management is a strategic axis of our local development", emphasised Ladislav Chlupáč, Mayor of Litoměřice, a city that has been working hard on a pilot local geothermal project in the Czech Republic. A number of other energy saving measures have been implemented by the city since 2012, achieving financial savings of about CZK 7.5 million (EUR 270,000).

“We are aware of the energy and climate objectives adopted at the European level for 2020 and 2030. We support these targets and we wish to cooperate in this field with other cities in the Czech Republic”, explained Jaroslav Klusák, energy manager at the city of Litoměřice.

Although not yet signatories of the Covenant of Mayors, all founding members have a strong interest in exchanging knowledge and ideas with their peers from abroad and in creating a multi-level governance platform for improving the implementation of sustainable energy policies in the country. The Covenant of Mayors Office will provide technical support to the association : organisation of workshops, participation of experts and the set up of a virtual discussion group for the association members.

The objective is to strenghthen the interest and actions of Czech municipalities, regions and national institutions towards achieving the EU energy and climate objectives.

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