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From commitment to action: A closer look at the SEAP assessment process
Close to 740 local authorities have now uploaded their action plan – to be submitted alongside the SEAP template – outlining a number of key measures which are set to impact the living conditions of an estimated 68 million inhabitants. All submitted documents are now subject to assessment by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission.

The SEAP assessment is based on a two-step process:

  • The eligibility check, which involves guaranteeing that the baseline emission inventory and full action plan comply with the Covenant requirements. All Covenant Signatories should ensure their documents are well in line with the Guidebook and reporting instructions.
  • The data coherence check, which compares the reported results of the BEI against other relevant data sources - mainly from national statistics - in order to detect any inconsistencies (e.g. order-of-magnitude data, errors in the emission factors, etc.).

To guarantee the overall quality of the action plans, the JRC provides feedback to all signatories and suggests readjustments where and when needed.

For the SEAP to be deemed eligible, the following key elements need to be observed:

  • The SEAP ought to be approved by the municipal council or equivalent decision-making body
  • The SEAP should contain clear reference to the 2020 CO2 reduction objective – of at least 20% in line with the Covenant commitments signed
  • The results of the Baseline Emission Inventory shall be provided in 3 out of 4 key sectors – see the list of sectors here
  • The SEAP ought to include a set of actions covering at least 2 of the main key sectors of activity
  • The SEAP template should be correctly filled-in (all compulsory fields must be completed) and well-consistent with the full action plan

As of June 2011, 52% of the signatories whose templates and SEAPs have been reviewed had effectively fulfilled all the above-mentioned requirements. With SEAPs containing a host of approximately 30 measures each, Covenant Signatories are well on track to comply with their ambitious CO2 reduction objective.

The CO2 reduction target of the analyzed SEAPs, of 28% on average, exceeds that of the EU and represents in aggregated figures a potential reduction of 43 million tonnes of CO2.

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