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Gaza City joins the Covenant of Mayors
The Gaza Municipality is the second local authority from the Mediterranean region – following in the footsteps of Salé (Morroco) – to join the Covenant of Mayors initiative, in a bid to improve the living conditions of its residents and bring new local development prospects to the area.

I believe that the Covenant of Mayors is the best starting point to shape Gaza’s sustainable energy policies, joining over 4,300 local authorities in Europe, learning from their experience and concentrating efforts towards improving the environmental situation of our region”, said Mayor Rafiq Mekky.

As explained by Environmental and Civil Engineer Ahmed Hashem in an exchange with the Covenant of Mayors Office, the city has faced several environmental and energy challenges resulting from war and occupation since it was established in 1893. In this context, shortages of fuel and electricity supplies have been recurring issues which make energy autonomy all the more relevant for the Palestinian city.

The municipality is already taking decisive action to bring a more sustainable and autonomous future to its citizens, notably in the fields of waste management and solar energy. In terms of energy efficiency in buildings, Mr Hashem believes the Covenant of Mayors initiative is likely to “open the door to great investment projects in Gaza City” and help “tackle unemployment problems”.

Commenting on the added-value of developing a Sustainable Energy Action Plan, he said that “the municipal council has implemented numerous projects targeting the environment and energy sectors in Gaza City and these projects will only work effectively if they are integrated into a solid plan.”

He added that the municipality’s citizens and stakeholders would be closely associated to the process, thus ensuring widespread adoption and ownership of the plan.

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