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Have you ever considered Energy Performance Contracting for streetlighting refurbishment?
Old street lighting systems can account for up to 50% of municipalities’ total electricity consumption. Yet, current technologies offer energy savings potentials that reach 70%.

These savings potentials have been recognised and incorporated into European policies: an EU Regulation (245/2009) sets phasing out requirements for nearly 80 % of all currently used lamps types between 2012 and 2017. This means that these lamp types will no longer be available on the market for purchase.

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) provides municipalities with an innovative, but still under-used, solution to transition to energy efficient street lighting, without having to pay upfront and with guaranteed energy savings. It is a good “learning and testing ground” for EPC due to its lower technical and economic complexity compared to building-related EPC. Furthermore, the recent market introduction of LED technology offers high energy and cost savings with comparatively short pay-back times.

The “Streetlight-EPC” project is creating demand and supply of streetlighting EPC projects in 9 European regions (Upper Austria, Carlow Kilkenny, North-West Croatia, South Bohemia, Northern Poland, South-East Sweden, Podravje region, Macedonia, North/Central Spain) by setting up regional EPC facilitation services (helpdesk) which are providing one-to-one support to both municipalities and SMEs as potential ESCOs.

The project has released a guide and a checklist on “Energy Performance Contracting for Streetlight Refurbishment” that can be a source of inspiration for local authorities interested in this approach.

Which measures are typically implemented in a street lighting EPC projet? What size of investments is typical? You will find answers to your questions in the project’s FAQs, available in the 9 languages of the partner regions (English, German, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Swedish, Slovenian, Macedonian and Spanish).

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