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From plan to reality: How regions, provinces, associations and others support Covenant cities
Why do more and more cities decide to join the Covenant of Mayors community? How come as many as 3,300 Sustainable Energy Action Plans have already been adopted and uploaded on its website? Because hundreds of regions, provinces and associations of local authorities are involved in the initiative, dedicating time, money and resources to help the cities step from plan to reality.

Last year, the Covenant of Mayors Office (CoMO) once again conducted a survey on the activities implemented by these Covenant Coordinators(regions, provinces, etc.) and Supporters (associations) over the year 2013, collecting answers from over 150 respondents in total. Two recently-published reports – for both Coordinators and Supporters – now provide a summary of the results.

As far as Covenant Coordinators are concerned, although the report shows a majority still comes from Italy and Spain, one can now observe a greater diversification in the number of countries represented. The document also provides a good overview of what type of support (financial, human resources, technical, etc.) the Coordinators typically provide to signatory municipalities. In addition, it shows how they cooperate with other public administrations to implement the Covenant on their territories, as well as with the private sectors, NGOs, and other partners.

Compared to 2013, the report on Covenant Supportersshows how the emphasis is steadily moving from promotion to implementation : many of the associations surveyed reported having organised capacity-building and experience-sharing events for signatories. A large number did so in the framework of EU-projects and also praised the value of working within Covenant of Mayors national Clubs or platforms.

These surveys are of great benefit to the work programme of the CoMO as they provide a snapshot of Covenant Coordinators and Supporters’ expectations for future activities and developments of the Covenant of Mayors.

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