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Herten in 2020: Key features of the city’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan
The City of Herten, Germany, was once among the biggest hard coal producers in Europe. This now seems part of a long, distant memory for this Covenant of Mayors Signatory which recently submitted a Sustainable Energy Action Plan with an ambitious 27% CO2 reduction objective.

The plan, called “Hertener Klimakonzept 2020” aims to map out economically, ecologically and socially sustainable solutions to maintain and improve the quality of life of the town’s 63,000 inhabitants. To lead the city towards this climate-friendly future, the local administration, energy and water suppliers will work in close collaboration with local stakeholders to implement a series of structural changes. This will include energy-efficient urban housing in a city of short distances with dense structures and sustainable mobility facilities. In this spirit, a dedicated team has been set up to supervise all climate-protection activities in Herten.

Herten’s SEAP identifies projects with a CO2 reduction potential of 91,000 tonnes per year until 2020. The energetic rehabilitation of the housing environment is one of the key priority actions of the plan. In terms of energy supply, renewables already account for 46% of the city’s mix, and the SEAP foresees the development of more decentralised combined heat and power plants, as well as photovoltaic systems in public and private buildings. Projects to build biogas plants and generate hydrogen energy from waste are in the pipeline. The local public utility also plans to roll out smart metering technologies.

Herten’s mobility strategy will focus on the promotion of bicycle and pedelecs as the main transportation means for short distances, with a continuous communication campaign supporting this goal. In September 2011, European Commissioner for Energy Günther Oettinger attended the launch event of Herten’s Climate Days, which kicked off a series of activities that are to accompany the progress of the city’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan.

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