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How to cook up a Covenant Club ?
Over 5,000 cities have chosen to adopt the Covenant of Mayors approach to curb CO2 emissions across their territory, boost the economy and make their citizens happy. How can this successful recipe be rolled out nationally ? The key ingredients needed to mainstream this initiative at national level have now been outlined in a publication produced by the [IEE-funded->] project [NET-COM->], and downloable [here.->]

The first step is to create a national « Covenant of Mayors Club », of which the brochure provides the description, implementing an efficient communication strategy, mobilising key stakeholders, etc. Associations of municipalities, provinces, regions, national energy agencies and other bodies acting as Covenant Supporters and Coordinators are thus encouraged to take a glance at the brochure and get the ball rolling !

More information on the NET-COM website.

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