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Intelligent Energy Europe programme opens 2012 Call for proposals
Funding projects that promote energy efficiency and renewable energy is at the heart of the Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE) programme. Several Covenant of Mayors Signatories, Coordinators and Supporters have already benefitted from past IEE calls and successfully implemented schemes for energy efficient buildings, sustainable energy or urban mobility, as foreseen in their Sustainable Energy Action Plans.

This year again, cities, regions and networks are invited to submit project proposals which should be in line with the priorities set out in the call for proposals. Proposals can be submitted until 8 May 2012.

The participation of cities and regions is foreseen under the following key actions:

  • Mobilising Local Energy Investment - providing project development assistance to committed local authorities for a pre-defined set of sustainable energy project. It complements the ELENA facility managed by the European Investment Bank by supporting small and medium investments.
  • Local Energy Leadership - supports two topics: 1) good practice models for multi-level governance engaging local and regional authorities in concerted sustainable energy planning and 2) exchange of experiences and capacity building amongst town planning associations with the aim to integrate sustainable energy aspects into spatial planning strategies at local and regional level.
  • Energy-efficient Public Spending Initiative - providing support and capacity building to help public procurers at national, regional and local level apply green public procurement criteria for the purchase of energy-related products as well as clean vehicles.

More information: 2012 Call for proposals Presentations from the European Info Day 2012 Overview of ongoing and past projects

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