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Italian signatory city adopts action plan in line with ISO energy management standard
The city of [Moneglia->], Italy, has adopted a Sustainable Energy Action Plan using tools and procedures fully compliant with the international energy management certification, [ISO 50001->].

Published in June 2011, the voluntary international standard defines the requirements that must be met for the effective management of energy use within an organisation. ISO 50001 can be implemented individually or integrated with other management system standards such as ISO 9001 (quality management) or ISO 14001 (environmental management). The purpose of this standard is to assist organisations in implementing the necessary systems and processes to improve energy performance, notably through target-setting and continuous monitoring and adaptation of actions. This process has been implemented in parallel with the adoption of the city’s action plan, developed on the basis of the Covenant of Mayors SEAP guidelines. Moneglia is now well-positioned to collect the information necessary for the monitoring of its energy consumption and key actions.

The city obtained ISO 50001 certification on 30 December 2011 following the approval of its SEAP by the municipal council on June 2011.

This process was completed within the framework on the IEE-funded Energy for Mayors project and undertaken with the support of the Province of Genova, a Covenant of Mayors Territorial Coordinator. Guidelines for the consideration of the ISO 50001 standard within the SEAP development process are soon to be published on the Energy for Mayors website.

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