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Italy: Award launched for best Sustainable Energy Action Plans
Over 1600 Italian cities and towns have joined the Covenant of Mayors to date. As part of their commitment, they have pledged to adopt a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) outlining a set of key actions intended to bring a more sustainable future to their citizens.

To encourage and stimulate local administrations to elaborate and adopt ambitious and high quality plans, Climate Alliance Italy and the Kyoto Club have announced the launch of a new award “A+CoM” which will select every year the four “best” SEAPs that have been presented to and approved by Italian city councils in the preceding year. The SEAPs submitted for evaluation will be assessed by a scientific and technical committee. Winners will receive their prize during the Terra Futura event in Florence, the annual fair and congress that presents good practices and innovative policies for a sustainable future. For the first edition, participation is extended to SEAPs submitted in 2010 as well and the deadline for applying is 9 March 2012.

To be eligible, the plan must foresee concrete actions in the transport sector, it must foresee measures addressing municipal and tertiary buildings, equipment and facilities, as well as the residential housing stock. In addition, the plan ought to include actions in at least three of the following equally essential fields: local energy production, urban planning, public procurement, involvement of citizens and stakeholders, local industry.

Local authorities from Italy interested in submitting their application are invited to express their interest by registered mail to Climate Alliance Italy or send a certified e-mail to, following the instructions written in the regulations.

This initiative was launched in the framework of NetCOM, “NETworking the Covenant of Mayors”, an IEE-supported project coordinated by several Covenant Supporters.

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