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Lithuanian association of local authorities well on track to support the country’s Covenant Signatories
Eight Lithuanian cities have joined the Covenant since 2008. The [Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania (ALAL)->] has since then decided to support them in their commitments and, in January 2012, became the first Lithuanian Covenant Supporter.

Rièardas Malinauskas, mayor of Druskininkai and president of ALAL, looks forward to implementing a strategy to provide administrative and technical support to these signatories as well as encourage the involvement of other Lithuanian cities in the Covenant of Mayors.

Having heard of the Covenant of Mayors initiative through its Brussels representative, ALAL has received many questions from municipalities over the last few months on the initiative and the Sustainable Energy Action Plans. ALAL thus organised a joint workshop in September 2011, in collaboration with ManagEnergy, the Kaunas Energy Agency (KREA) and the Covenant of Mayors Office, with the aim of building the capacities of Lithuanian mayors and experts in the field of energy planning, including in the preparation of SEAPs and the study of their link with national action plans.

ALAL took note of the increasing interest expressed by Lithuanian municipalities, which have already been implementing a broad set of projects in the field of energy efficiency, such as the renovation of public buildings and the modernisation of street light networks and of renewable energy (solar collectors, biomass).

The association’s political board has in addition decided to launch an official cooperation with KREA to provide comprehensive support to signatories. In the upcoming months, ALAL and KREA plan to organise a range of seminars to foster the exchange of experiences between the Covenant Signatories in Lithuania. They also wish to provide information on Covenant activities on their website and develop networking activities to encourage other cities to join.

The next step will be the organisation of a meeting together with KREA to meet all signatories and discuss their needs in terms of methodological support for the setting-up of their SEAPs.

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