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Low carbon trend-setters workshop in Krakow
On 3-4 October, over 80 participants from 12 countries, including many Covenant Signatories, Coordinators and Supporters, gathered in Krakow, Poland, for an intensive two-day workshop entitled Low carbon trend-setters in 2020.

This event was organised in the framework of the projects “Energy for Mayors” (co-financed by Intelligent Energy Europe programme) and “Appetite for Climate” (co-financed by the Polish National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management). The aim was to share views, experiences and lessons learned from the implementation of the Covenant of Mayors requirements in different European countries.

The workshop focused on the crucial role played by local governments in moving towards a low-carbon economy and smart city infrastructure. It provided a unique opportunity to listen to inspiring and motivating presentations, notably from Head of the Covenant of Mayors Office Kristina Dely, representatives of ICLEI and experts from all over Europe.

The participants had the opportunity to learn about the experiences and achievements of European and Polish signatories. ‘The Covenant has been very useful for us to increase awareness of political decision-makers on sustainable energy and its methodological framework helps constantly monitor our work and mobilise ourselves’ – said Director of the Infrastructure Department of the City of Warsaw, Leszek Drogosz.

At the end of the meeting, the attendees unanimously accepted the text of an appeal addressing EU institutions, states and regional governments as well as the financial institutions for the support of the signatories’ efforts and activities aiming at climate protection. For further information on this workshop, please click here.

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